Saturday, October 15, 2005


It was back to normal for the "Avenue", as the strip was brimming with excitement with the return of actual foot traffic. The last few days had been relatively quiet due to the Jewish holidays and the torrential dampers that pretty much washed away what business that could have been had.

Friday night started out slowly, and that brought a bit of concern to the SwanFather as I was in no mood to sit through another slow night. But as the rains finally cleared up, the people started to come in and the bar eventually got back to it's usual self. I was greeted often with compliments and acknowledgements on the recent AM-NY article; I even got a story from a reflective neighbor who talked about how the neighborhood used to be and how she missed the relaxed atmosphere of Murray Hill. One thing I did notice, however, was the unusual number of tourists that entered the bar. Especially international tourists, as we received visitors from places like Ireland, England, Sweden, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and even the Fiji Islands. Maybe I didn't get the memo about a U.N. gathering on 3rd Avenue.

The night itself went pretty quickly and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Maybe after a week's worth of rain, cabin fever got to everyone, so just being outside of the apartment was enough to put anyone in a good mood.

Today is KICK THE KEG SATURDAY, which means that all beers on tap can be had for $2/mug, UNTIL THE KEG RUNS DRY! There will be plenty of college football action with the highlight game being USC vs NOTRE DAME at 3:30pm, so get there early if you want a seat! And on top of that- we're supposed to have sun and 70 degree weather! Can't beat that.

On that note- gotta get some shut-eye.


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