I found myself filling in for FIRE MARSHALL ED last night and while that wasn't a big deal, I was somewhat surprised at the crowd we got last night. Not only was the bar busy for what was considered to be a ho-hum Monday Night Football game, we had what I would term a "Glee-ful" crowd...  Lot more wannabe "hipster" types than I'd normally see for the area.  Interesting.  Hey, as long as they are drinking mugs of beer, I don't care how skinny your jeans are.   

One interesting observation.  Among the sea of young hipsters enjoying dollar drafts, a much older couple came into the bar.  He: older, sort of a Euro-style to him, conservatively dressed in grey shirt and black slacks.  Could pass for an architect, or banker.  She: also older, very tan and wearing a not-so-subtle VERY LOOSE FITTING silver/black sequin halter top with no bra. Goodies hanging out for the world to see and she wasn't shy about letting them free. They weren't there very long (maybe one drink max), but they definitely left their mark on everyone, especially the female.  Bless her heart.

Highlight of the night took place after the bar closed.  We had a rare lunar eclipse take place at around 2:40am. Apparently these take place once every few years (the next one is apparently scheduled for April 2014).  It was somewhat surreal and pretty cool.  What was even cooler was the number of folks who came outside or looked out their windows to see it.  Cool stuff.

I anticipate another busy night tonight as folks prepare for the Christmas Exodus.  For many of you, it's an extended break, lasting through New Year's. So this week will be the last hurrah for 2010 with your friends and co-workers.  Party like it's going out of style but as always, be safe.  Remember, you want to make it home for the holidays.


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What's our favorite bar manager doing for the holidays? All I know is my 11 days off from work are going to be pretty darn expensive. If I have the day off there's no way I'm waiting till 7:00 to start drinking.

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