In a whirlwind week of holiday celebrations, last night was the biggest one yet. Between a rather large sendoff of a fellow co-worker from a large media company, to your typical small office gatherings, the bar was slammed for much of the night...

It seems to me that the overall spirit of celebrating is much more prevalent this year than the last. I am guessing that folks are feeling a bit more confident about the economy, job security, etc that there is more reason to celebrate. That bodes well for the department stores, bars, restaurants, mom & pop stores, etc. With only two days before Xmas, I'm sure the frenzy of shopping, celebrating and of course, traveling will reach a fever pitch starting today. I expect yet another busy night tonight as most folks will have a half-day or the full day off tomorrow to travel, shop, etc.

So as we prepare for tonight's "LAST BANG" before Xmas, take this time to mend fences with your mates and get ready to head into the holiday break on good terms and a clean slate! Invite them out for a celebratory drink and toast to the end of 2010 and good fortunes for 2011! Life's too short to carry grudges and envy. Nuff said.

TONIGHT: "Suds n Sports Night" with a full slate of action, including PITTSBURGH vs CAROLINA (NFL), NY RANGERS vs TAMPA BAY & WASHINGTON vs PITTSBURGH (NHL) and $4 Domestic Drafts! Look forward to seeing everyone one last time before Xmas!


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