Sunday turned out to be a long, yet fun day at 3 & L, starting with an afternoon slate of Brew Crew Sunday football filled with fantastic finishes and ending with a debauched-filled night of holiday cheer, complete with tipsy revelers, random and not-so-random hookups and oh-so-happy females dancing on the bar....

I wish I could give you the blow-by-blow of the day's events, but sadly, I cannot.  Too much sensory overload.  I do recall the following:

BUFFALO TRACE BOURBON graced us with its presence during Brew Crew Sunday, donating heaping portions of free buffalo wings and samples of its signature bourbon for all the patrons.

The DOLFANS NYC Club (NYC's official home of the Miami Dolphins) also held a raffle and donated the proceeds of the day's take to the I WILL FOUNDATION, the charity founded by our own MATT LONG...

We were also treated to a number of white-knuckle finishes in more than a few games, including games involving both the NY Jets and Giants.  If you are a Jets fan, you went home happy, while Giants fans are probably still stunned at what happened at the end of their game... Crazy stuff!

Once the games ended, we segued into the evening's activity, the Annual Holiday Party.  After a few words from MATT LONG thanking everyone for their continued support of Third and Long over the past year, the festivities kicked into high gear.

I don't remember too much after that except that I kept misplacing my beer.  I can tell you that the party regained its debauchery status as more than a few patrons made their presence known.  It was great to see a lot of the old faces in the house, some traveling as far away as California to stop by for some Christmas cheer.  Part of what this is all about is celebrating the past as well as the present, so when you get to see familiar faces from years past and see them doing well, it's a bonus.

Of course, as the night went on, debauchery ensued and it went from a nice, festive holiday gathering to hell in a handbasket.  Loved it!

While I don't quite remember everything that went on last night, I do remember seeing a rather sexy young lady doing the "Worm Dance" in the middle of the floor, much to my chagrin (or delight):

To her defense, it turns out that she had a bet with her friend over who would win the Green Bay/New England game, with the loser having to do a breakdance of some type in the middle of the floor.  As you can see, she lost, but in this case, I think we were all winners in this bet.

The Third and Long Staff surprised Fire-Marshall Ed and myself with some pretty cool Xmas gifts (very much appreciated by the way) and having them all there together makes me appreciate how good we have it here at 3 & L.  I often hear horror stories about staffs at other bars and how they don't have that same camaraderie that we do here so I appreciate and enjoy it when I see our peeps hanging out together.

It was a long day and night of fun times, stories and debauched entertainment (we didn't get out of here until 3am); I hope everyone had as good a time as I did and thanks again for your continued support of the bar over the past year! 

Thanks again for your support!

TONIGHT: "Mug Night Mondays" featuring $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs & $2 mugs, all other domestic drafts! CHICAGO vs MINNESOTA (Monday Night Football) plus NHL Center I

That's It. That's All I Got.

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