Well boys and girls, it looks as if the outcome matched the hype.  NYC was warned about a huge blizzard hitting the city on Sunday.  Not only did we get hit with the blizzard, we got hit to the tune of 15-30in of the white stuff, (depending on where you live). 

We're talking about a storm that brought our fair city to a virtual standstill.  No trains/subways, no flights in or out of town, spotty cab service (many without snow tires) and mounds of drifting snow has made our fair city into a virtual ice prison.  Kids love it, of course, because they get to play in it.  Adults are grumbling because they either have to dig out of it (myself included) and/or somehow make their way to work in this mess.

I had the pleasure of spending almost three hours clearing out the walk surrounding the bar and to be honest with you, it sucked ass.  For starters, I was still nursing a sore back from the wipe out I did the night before, slipping on some black ice in the middle of 35th Street.  Second, my head was throbbing a bit from it hitting the street after the same fall.  So looking at the mound of snow drifts on the sidewalk did not look appealing at all.

After a couple of back-breaking hours of work,  check out my handy work.  Not too bad if I do say so myself...

 Here's what we dealt with the night before...

What a difference a night makes.... Mother Nature 1, NYC 0.   On that note, I'm beat and headed to bed.  G'nite y'all.

That's It.  That's All I Got.

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