As we enjoy the Christmas weekend, more than one of you mentioned that the one thing that would make this holiday complete is if we had a "White Christmas" (meaning snow).  Well, boys and girls, it looks as if you're going to get your White Christmas, albeit a day late.  The weather mavens are calling for blizzard-like conditions to hit our fair city sometime Sunday afternoon, with the blizzard warnings posting from 6am Sunday to 6pm Monday evening.  Oh lawd!  Predictions range from 5-15 in. of the fluffy white stuff. 

If we do get the storm that they are predicting, then brace yourselves for travel cancellations and delays.  Hopefully that won't deter folks from coming out and checking out some football.  The biggest worry on my mind is whether or not this predicted snowstorm wrecks havoc on my Direct TV signal.  Nothing worse than dealing with some angry football fans trying to watch their game, only to lose a signal due to bad weather.  Of course, I'm not looking forward to shoveling all of that damn snow either.  Ugh. 

On the flipside, some of the best fun we've ever had at the bar occurred during snowstorms.  There's something about snowstorms that bring folks outdoors.  Maybe it's the thought of not having to go to work/school the next morning that keeps folks out at the bars.  Or the thought of having to be stuck inside an apartment for long periods of time that force people outdoors.  And if you're going outside, you may as well have a fun destination to head to.

As always, whatever happens on Sunday, we'll make the best of the situation and most importantly, have some fun with it.  We'll be open at our regular time, ready to crank out some football and cold brews.  Hopefully you'll be brave enough to venture out and join us!

That's it.  That's All I Got.

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