Last night the bar rebounded from Snowmageddon 2010 with a full house of patrons, determined to shake off their cabin fever.  Enticed with dollar drafts, some intriguing games (Knicks vs Heat, Eagles vs Vikings) and an opportunity to do anything but sit in the apartment for another day, we had more than our fair share of partying people. 

Among the mix were tourists, in town to celebrate the ball drop in Times Square this Friday, many of them first time visitors to NYC.  So of course, they are going to have as much fun as they could.  So from a business point of view, this was a good night.  However, when you have a night like we had, you are sure to come across some interesting scenarios along the way.  Like, for example, the tale of the Sad, Drunk Girl.

A taxi pulls up in front of the bar and three girls spill out from the cab, laughing uncontrollably while the taxi driver is yelling at them.  One of the girls is clearly drunk and complaining about having to sit down.  So the three girls navigate their way towards the bar when one decides she can't walk any further and plops her butt down on the sidewalk.  Her friends are trying to get her to stand up but she steadfastly refuses, insisting that they call her brother to come get her. 

 The three of them argue for what seems to be ages until the brother finally shows up in a cab and barks at her to get in. 

Rather amusing and you gotta admire the brother for being concerned about his sister's safety.  He did look kind of pissed off getting out of the cab though. I always marvel on how folks allow themselves to get so drunk.

Ah, just another night at the salt mines.

NO PUB TRIVIA TONIGHT (holiday hiatus).  Pub Trivia returns next week.  Instead, we're calling tonight "Ladies Appreciation Night" ($4 Mixed Well Drinks for all ladies, $15 Miller High Life buckets, $5 Kopparberg Cider bottles)!  We also welcome the Baylor Bears Alumni as they cheer on their team in the Texas Bowl (6pm)!

That's It.  That's All I Got.

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