Well boys and girls, we're down to the NFL's version of the Final Four. Two games that will determine who will go to this year's Super Bowl. For once, we're getting two highly-anticipated matchups which should make for a great afternoon of smashmouth NFL football. Now if you are waiting with baited breath for my "ahem", predictions, I'll be coming forth with those in a moment. But before I do, let me just give everyone a heads up on what to expect for Brew Crew Sunday, the Championship Edition:

-At least ONE blowout game.
-A lot of shit-talking.
-Plenty of "predictions", for entertainment purposes only, of course!
-Constant flow of "Gentlemen's"
-One disgruntled fan (or maybe two) getting tossed.
-Flashing of tattoos or boobs (or both).

It's going to be one of those rare off-the-wall days that makes Championship Sunday so much fun.  As for who will move on to the Big Game?  Well, if you are counting on me and my current 1-8 prediction record to shed some light on what's going to happen, you're more pathetic than I thought.  That being said, I'll throw out my predictions anyway; No explanations, no rhyme or reason (as they don't seem to work for me anyways), but here they are:



So if you base this week's predictions on my playoff track record, then the Jets should face Green Bay in the Super Bowl in two weeks.  Just remember one thing, if you go bankrupt riding on my picks, you my friend are more sadder than I thought one could be.  In any case, I anticipate a great day of football fun.  STRONGLY suggest that you get there early.  We don't take reservations (or bribes) and you better be ready to have fun.  No wet nurses allowed.  We'll be raffling off a lot of cool stuff and we'll also give out a $25 bar tab to the day's biggest football fan (regardless of what team you support)!  So do what you gotta do to stand out (war paint, tattoos, nipple tassles, whatever rocks your boat).  Third and Long will rock all day long!

TONIGHT: "Weekend Kick-OFF Happy Hour" (5-9pm) featuring $4 Domestic Drafts/Mixed Well DrinksGreat slate of NBA/NHL Games all night long!

That's It.  That's All I Got.  See you this weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, THANK YOU!, for picking the Bears! May the Swandad prediction meter ring true(ly off key) once again! Go Packers!

And if there are any nipple tassles, well, I think the blog readers would like a peek, too.

B to the...

Coach Dano said...

Well after a 4 for 4 divisional weekend, which means I went against all of the Swandad picks, I fear that I will be unable to sustain the good fortune. In any case, the trend continues of "Bizarro Swandad" picks as I am going green this weekend. Jets and Packers.

Sadly, I lost my nipple tassles in a poker game to Pete Volkert years ago...

Anonymous said...

Please pick the Steelers to win it all now that the Pack is in. Your prognastications have been great, don't screw it up now.