It seems that every time I turn on the TV these days, I'm getting some kind of emergency alert about an impending storm coming our way.  If it isn't a rainstorm, it's a blizzard.  I feel like I just wrote something about a storm only a day or two ago; And now, I'm writing about yet another one that we should get ready for.  Jeezus.

This time around, we're ONLY expected to get hit with 3-6 inches of the white stuff.  But with New York being the drama capital of the world, this is more than enough to warrant holding multiple press conferences by the media and of course, the Mayor and his "Inner Circle" about contingency plans and the such. Oy!  Of course, this would happen at the beginning of the weekend, which seems to be the trendy choice for Mother Nature.  Drop the heavy stuff over the weekend and piss everyone off in the process.  Let's see how our fair city handles this batch of foul weather.  Stay tuned.

Did you catch the article in yesterday's New York Times about our dear little neighborhood?  It's an interesting read about the young professionals that live in Murray Hill.  I have to admit, I found myself chuckling at some of the comments that some of the residents of the area made about life in the neighborhood.  This is roughly the same clientele that we deal with on a nightly basis, and many of them are, let's just say, "interesting", to say the least.  Check it out.

PUB TRIVIA bounced back nicely last night after taking an unexpected break last week due to the most recent snowstorm.  There were eleven teams in this week's competition and the theme for the week was "2010: A Year In Review".  Check out the pics from last night's event on our FACEBOOK page!

Folks are really starting to get into the hype of this weekend's NFL Championship games.  The phone's been ringing off the hook already with diehard fans looking to reserve spots for the games (Sorry, we don't do reservations).  So unless Mother Nature tries to throw salt in our game with some freak storm of biblical proportions, I'm expecting a full house for both games on Sunday.  So make sure you get there early to claim a spot. I don't want to hear anyone crying and bitching about not having a seat when the time comes.  You've been warned!

TONIGHT: It's looking like an NHL kind of night, with 12 games on tap (compared to only 3 NBA games), so it's appropriate that we have our "Molson Twin Thursdays" on tap tonight.  Two bottles of Molson Canadian sets you back $7.00, a pretty good deal no matter how you look at it!  And with the NHL Center Ice package in play, you have your pick of any NHL game you want!  Check out tonight's schedule of games HERE!

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