I'm at the bar today, handling things behind the stick after a morning of sidewalk cleaning in the aftermath of Snowstorm #3.  While the storm came upon us swiftly last night, this time around, it left as quickly as it came.  The damage to the city this time around was about 9" worth of snow.  And unlike Snowstorm #1 (dubbed "Snowmageddon"), this time the City of New York was prepared with snowplows at the ready.

Check out the photos of Snowstorm #3 on our FACEBOOK page.

Meanwhile, the bar had a pretty steady crowd of revelers enjoying our 20th Anniversary Dollar Draft Madness celebration.  A few measly snowflakes didn't deter them from having a good time, with many of them staying out until well past 2am (no doubt anticipating a snow day on Wednesday)!

Because the storm came and left quickly, it was relatively easy to clean up the mess this morning.  The main streets (at least in Manhattan) are pretty clear as well, and there is a decent amount of foot traffic in the neighborhood, which is good considering that a lot of people opted to stay home from work today.  That being said, we'll roll with the punches and see what we come up with today.

And if you're expecting for me to comment on that travesty of a game that the Cleveland Cavs played in L.A. last night, you are sadly mistaken.  There's nothing to say about that game or what was once a good team.  As for the "gloating tweet" from LeBum James, eff him.  Karma cuts both ways.  He'll see soon enough.  

One good thing about last night: MONTREAL 2, NY RANGERS 1.  Damn I love watching the Habs in person.  I love it even more when they win.  Especially against the NY Rangers (sorry Blueshirt fans)!

TONIGHT: GAME NIGHT (booze and board games), featuring such games as Jenga & Uno; We'll also have one of the TV's hooked up for classic video games such as Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man and Centepede!  Our usual Wednesday night specials are in effect ($15 Miller High Life buckets & $4 Mixed Well Drinks for the ladies), so make the best of the snow day and break that cabin fever!  Don't forget we carry the NHL Center Ice package!

If you're in the neighborhood this afternoon, swing by and say hi!  I'll be the studly guy behind the bar slinging beers!


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Anonymous said...

Just thought of this as I got the snowblower out for the first time last night. Do many of you New Yorkers even have snowblowers, or even a place to put one? I guess I just take it for granted having a garage to park my car and put my lawnmower and snowblower in being in the Midwest and all.

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