The first round of the NFL Playoffs were not kind to yours truly, much like the way the whole season has gone. If you were banking on my predictions to bring you some success in your pools, then you probably hate me by now as I went a stinking 1-for-4 in my picks.  Brutal.

That being said, you get up from the ground, dust yourself off and get back on that horse.  So here goes.. my picks for this weekend's slate of NFL Playoff games:

PITTSBURGH vs BALTIMORE (Sat. 4:30pm). This is the one game that I actually look forward to as both teams have a history of playing close, hard nose football against each other.  They hit hard and they genuinely hate each other. They split the regular season series, both winning by 3 in low-scoring affairs.  I sincerely think that this game will go down to the last drive again, this time with Baltimore pulling out the upset on the road and moving on. BALTIMORE 14-13.

ATLANTA vs GREEN BAY (Sat. 8pm). Atlanta has been dominant at home and they already own a victory over Green Bay at home (20-17, on 11/28). Green Bay will be playing their second road playoff game while Atlanta has had the opportunity to rest up their nicked-up stars.  A tough call here but I think the Falcons will rise to the occasion and hold serve here.  ATLANTA 21-14.

CHICAGO vs SEATTLE (Sun. 1pm).  This is for me, the toughest matchup to figure out simply because you have two schizophrenic teams playing one another. Both teams have the ability to play very well or play like complete dolts.  You simply don't know which team will show up from one week to the next.  That being said, I'm going to go with the upset here and pick Seattle simply because I don't like Jake Cutler in the big game.  SEATTLE 34-27.

And finally, in the big one...

NEW ENGLAND vs NEW YORK JETS (Sun 4:30pm). The two teams split the regular season series, both teams winning at home.  New England destroyed the Jets in their most-recent meeting in Foxboro, 45-3, after a lot of trash talking by the portly one, Coach Ryan.  You would think he'd learn from that experience.  Apparently not, as he's stoking the media fires once again, taking pot shots at the New England coach, QB, fans, etc.  Meanwhile, just like the last game, the Patriots have elected to stay mum.  If history means anything, this will not be pretty. Heavy is the crown who tries to wear it.  NEW ENGLAND 34-10.

There ya go!

As always, we'll air ALL NFL playoff games w/audio with great drink specials on tap all weekend long!  We've gotten a lot of calls for reservations for the Jets/Pats game.  Keep in mind that we don't take reservations, it's first come, first serve to claim the tables at Third and Long. So my suggestion is to get there extra early, settle in for a fine afternoon of football and cheer on your favorite team!  Don't let the cold temps keep you away from a good time, especially this long three-day weekend!



Coach Dano said...

Retire early and go against my selections:


* - Dano's five star lock of the week...

Anonymous said...

I like your predictions in that, who cares if they win or lose, you keep going. The fact that you missed all of last week doesn't hamper you from moving forward and just picking again. And if you miss 3/4 this week, you have two more games next week that you can start fresh with!

I wish I had the ability to generate an income off of your picking.

PS...It's hard to be front runner huh?

Anonymous said...

Reservations for a game at a sports bar? Are those people fucking nuts? This is why I get to a bar at 11:00 for a noon game, to get a good seat in front of the best TV (and ensure that I'll be good and drunk by 7:00, 12 hours of sleep to start the next week).

B to the...

el said...

your picks do suck go J E T S! JETS JETS JETS