As we enjoy the last weekend of February, there is a lot of high-pressure action taking place in the sports world.  For example:

The NBA just saw it's trade deadline come and go this past week, with a lot of high-profile trades shaking up the league. 

The NHL is currently watching its phone lines burn up with trade proposals and trades as it approaches its Monday deadline, much to the delight of hockey fans everywhere.

College basketball is gearing up for its stretch run as it approaches their respective conference tournaments and the start of the NCAA Tournament. 

And if that wasn't enough to get your juices going, we had the start of MLB Spring Training games today,   NASCAR is up and running and MMA junkies get their fix with another PPV event this weekend.  And if you really want to keep it real, there's also the Six Nations Rugby tournament going on right now, as well as the Cricket World Cup!

If you are a sports fan like we are here at Third and Long, you are probably salivating right now.

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