Last night was the much-ballyhooed Oscar Night telecast.  In an effort to shake up the stuffy air that the show comes with, this year's edition (the 83rd) was hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, two of Hollywood's younger stars.  While I guess I could understand the theory in bringing in young hip stars to draw in younger viewers, the results were mixed at best.

Hathaway appeared to be trying too hard while Franco looked aloof and at times, high as a kite, similar to his role in "Pineapple Express".   I don't want to kill either one of them though because quite frankly, hosting the Oscars is one tough gig.  I realized while watching it that aside from being the President of the United States, hosting the Oscars is probably the most thankless job that you could have.  You're never going to please everyone and you are on center stage for everyone to throw stones at you.  Why bring such misery to yourself?

The show overall I found to be mostly boring and predictable.  A couple of moments stood out for me.  Melissa Leo's much-talked about "F-bomb".  Not that surprised as she's always been a feisty personality (in a good way).  Kirk Douglass' presenting the award to Best Supporting Actress (M. Leo).  Nice gesture, cute at times, became painful to watch as it went on for what seemed like forever.  James Franco in drag.  Really?.  Staten Island kids singing at the end of the show.  Kids did well, but could the Academy have put them on earlier in the show?  And could someone at the Academy at least sprung for decent outfits for the kids? C'mon man!

Overall, it was a mundane show.  Different twist, same results.  On another note, congrats go out to TIFANIE BANDER for winning our yearly Oscar Night Prediction Contest, and the $20 bar tab that comes with it!

While that was going on, we had members of the NHL NETWORK in house watching a number of games and talking hockey with some of our hockey playing regulars who just returned from a club game at Chelsea Piers.  

Add to that mix, a group of guys from France, sitting quietly in the Champagne Room taking in the Knicks/Heat game.

Talk about an interesting Sunday night.

TONIGHT: Villanova vs Notre Dame tops the college basketball schedule and there's a NHL double-header on tap (Chicago vs Minnesota, Detroit vs Los Angeles); It's also MUG NIGHT MADNESS, with $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs & $2 mugs, all other domestic drafts (5pm-close)!

Now if you'll excuse me, we're up against the NHL Trade deadline and I'm curious to see if the local teams (NY Rangers, Islanders and NJ Devils) make any moves.


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