BREAKING NEWS: Just when you thought the NY Knicks would once again rule the headlines of the local sports media, the NJ Nets pulled a blockbuster deal of their own: Trading for Utah's all-star point guard DERON WILLIAMS!  Check out the particulars of the impending deal HERE!  the basketball scene in the Big Apple just got hotter.

Tonight marks the return of the ever-popular Pub Trivia Night at Third and Long!  Each week we invite teams (between 1-6 people) to match wits with each other for prizes and bragging rights on the line!  While there's a particular theme highlighted each week, the questions in general range from history, geography, politics, sports and of course, pop culture!  As always, it's free to play and there are great drink specials on tap to help "lubricate" the brain cells!  So gather up the co-workers and make your way down to Third and Long for some "Good, Pouring Fun!"

Team registration begins at 7pm, fun starts at 8pm!

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