It's the first weekend without football and the withdrawal symptoms are already kicking in.  I find myself reaching for the remote and scanning the channels for football highlights.  The refresh button is getting a lot of work on ESPN.com and NFL.com as I look for any tidbits of information regarding football or the impending lockout and the possible stoppage of football for next season.  Hell, I even find myself paying more attention to the English Premier League because soccer worldwide is called football.  It hasn't even been a week since the Super bowl and it's all come down to this.  Don't be too surprised if you find myself as well as other guys walking around the city looking like zombies.

Thankfully I have hockey to fall back on.  If it wasn't for that, February, commonly known as the shortest month of the year, would feel torture.  I am looking forward to March and the "madness" it brings! 

The weather should warm up this weekend, which should bring out a lot of foot traffic on Third Avenue.  Get out there and get rid of that "cabin fever" you've developed this winter!  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say "hello"!  Now that "Brew Crew  Sundays" are done for the season, we're bringing back "Kick the Keg Sundays" ($2 mugs, most beers on tap) to the weekly lineup of "good-pouring fun".  Make sure you check it out!

That's it.  Have a great weekend!

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