While the rest of the country found themselves at the mercy of "Mama Nature" in what was billed as "The Mother of all Snowstorms", it looks as if we got spared for a change.  Sure we did get pummeled overnight with a lot of freezing rain, causing multiple accidents and sidewalk slips (trust me, I know), but compared to what the rest of the country was going through, we got off easy. 

This reprieve makes life that much easier for everyone as they can now go about their business without having to hunker down for days at a time, waiting for the snow to end.  As a matter of fact, it actually feels rather balmy outside as we speak (or as balmy as one could hope for in February).

SUPER BOWL WEEK is kicking into high gear, with Media Day taking place yesterday.  And to be honest, I didn't really give a rats ass.  How many times can you hear soundbites about how so-and-so got to the Super Bowl and how many times a player thanks God and their mama for everything they achieved?  It gets rather mundane after awhile.  And if I see another player filming the interviewer with his little mini-cam, I'm going to scream.  That was so... 1991.

I think the reason why I haven't fully gotten into the Super Bowl hype yet (and I'm sure many of you will agree) is that two weeks between the Championship Games and the Super Bowl is too long.  A momentum killer both for the hype of the game and very often, for the game itself.  The mere fact that we have two really good and entertaining teams in the Super Bowl (Green Bay/ Pittsburgh) and I can't muster up any excitement yet says it all.  I really wish the NFL would go back to holding the "Big Game" the weekend after the Championship games.  Just makes more sense.  I'm just sayin'.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: It's nice to see the NHL back up and running after its All-Star break.  While the All-Star weekend was fun to watch (would have been even more fun to be there), it's great to have the games that actually count back on. Game on!

Speaking of the NHL, check out Matt Long hanging in the NY Rangers locker room with MICHAEL DEL ZOTTO, BRANDON PRUST and STEVE EMINGER after last night's shootout loss to Pittsburgh!

NEW BEERS ON TAP!  With the Super Bowl approaching this week, we've brought on board some new beers with a "regional" feel to honor the two teams (Pittsburgh and Green Bay); All three beers are highly rated, and pretty damn good.  They are:

Victory Prima Pils A highly regarded German Pilsner based out of Pennsylvania. If you are a fan of pilsner beers, you simply cannot go wrong with the Prima Pils.  I personally am not a big fan of pilsner beers but found myself actually enjoying this one. The fact that it's a German-style pilsner graded this high and made here in the States is yet another reason to try it for yourself.  ($6/12oz. bottle- 5.3% ABV).

Troegs Nugget Nectar Another gem of a beer from the company who brought us the devilishly awesome Mad Elf over the holidays.  While this particular beer isn't as potent as the Elf (7.5% ABV vs Mad Elf's 11% ABV), this American Ale is just as intriguing.  It carries a very distinct, fruity aroma with a taste to match but it doesn't overwhelm you, making it easy to drink.  Definitely a must-have.  ($7/pint).

Oskar Blues Old Chub This Colorado based brewing company is very popular in the Midwest and for good reason: They consistently produce a damn good product.  This particular offering, a Scottish Ale, pours dark like a Guinness, yet has a very smooth and chocolate/caramel sweetness to it. Not enough to make you stop at one or two, mind you.  But just enough of a balance to make you drink more than a few.  And at 8.0% ABV, it has a very deceptive kick to it.  You don't notice the bang until you've had a few.  And be honest, how do you not love the name "Old Chub"?  A nice, drinkable brew for the winter months. ($6/12oz. can)

So make a point to try out our new offerings this weekend during the Super Bowl while you're cheering on your favorite team!

TONIGHT: Pub Trivia returns with another fun night of competition! Great prizes up for grabs and as always, free to play!  Get here early as seats fill up quickly.  Fun starts at 8pm.


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alaina said...

I agree with SB the week after the Championships, PLUS it should be on Saturday so I can sleep my hangover off on Sunday, not at work.