With businesses moving out of the neighborhood at a steady clip due to the economy, it's refreshing to see a new business move into the neighborhood for a change.  The new neighbor is an organic burger place called BAREBURGER, which is located in the old Anita's Deli spot across the street.  They opened to the public on Monday and while I usually like to wait a couple of weeks before trying out a new restaurant, I was "kidnapped" by THE DON and FIREMARSHALL ED, so I had no choice but to check it out.  

The new owners totally gutted out the place and I have to say, I like the new look.  They have garage-style doors in the front that will open out during the warm weather months, which is a nice touch.  They offer up various types of organic burgers  and you get to choose what types of meat you want for your burger: beef, turkey, lamb, veggie, portobello mushroom, elk, bison and ostrich (yes, ostrich).  You also have your choice of bun, cheeses, etc.  They do a lot of interesting sides and salads as well.  The boys had burgers and I only went with onion rings (I'd just eaten right before the kidnapping so I kept it light) and everyone seemed to enjoy their meal (put it this way: we're still here).  So if you find yourself to be a curious foodie, check it out and tell me what you think.  Tell 'em Curt sent ya!

FAT TUESDAY brought about some interesting characters looking to partake in some good old fashioned debauchery, and more than a few did not leave disappointed...

  I seem to be having some issues uploading the rest of the photos, so you'll have to check them out on our FACEBOOK page!  While you're there, check out our BARTAB link where you can now send your friend a drink on you from anywhere by mobile phone or your computer!  Check it out!

It's Wednesday night, which means one thing: PUB TRIVIA!  Tonight's theme is a favorite of mine: NEW YORK CITY.  So dust off your knowledge of the Big Apple and bring your talents down for the "Battle of the Brains", where you and your team can win cool prizes and bragging rights for the week.  Your team also have an opportunity to win a spot in our "Trivia Tournament of Champions", set to take place next month!  Fun starts at 8pm but get there early to grab a clutch seating spot for you and your teammates!

That's all I got (for now).  Catch you tonight!


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