I have to apologize for the lack of posts of late.  The last couple of days have been hectic to say the least.  Between holding down things at the bar while we prep of the opening of our newest venture, EDISON PLACE, dealing with the crush of visitors in town for the BIG EAST Tournament, and other things related to March Madness, let's just say it's been a hectic week.  Add to the equation the fact that I would have to catch another cold, which usually happens when I find myself under the gun.

That being said, it was a pretty busy week.  Beginning with the crazy antics of Pub Trivia on Wednesday, we had a solid 11 teams competing for top prize and a place in the upcoming Tournament of Champions in April.  It was also Brad C (the host)'s birthday, so there were some extra cheer taking place throughout the night.

Happy birthday Brad C!

Invasion of the Buffalo Crew!

Thursday brought about more Big East action, and unfortunately, a shitload of rain.  Not regular rain, mind you, but monsoon-like rain.  It was awful.  But the diehards and tourists in town for the Tournament made the most of it and hung out to watch some games nevertheless. And of course, the invasion of the Buffalo Crew added to the night's entertainment.  As I mentioned before, these guys have been coming down to New York City each and every year they spend much of their time at Third and Long.

 A great bunch of guys!

Friday and Saturday brought about much better weather and more folks out and about. A big difference between night and day. With spring-light weather brings about happy people and we definitely had our share of that. Even a few bizarre scenarios taking place worth noting....

See this guy behind me?  He's not just standing there mind you.  He floated in towards the end of the night on Friday and immediately made his way to the jukebox and began doing some really suave Bossa Nova moves.  He and his fellow Australian buddy then began chatting up some ladies and tried to get them involved in the Bossa Nova dance off.  A few minutes later, they are outside chatting up some more chicks during a smoke break and next thing you know, we're chasing the guys off before the girl's boyfriends commenced to beating them up.  Just a typical Friday night I guess.

Last night we had another bizarre incident take place that made me shake my head in disbelief.  It all started when I came in to do the night shift behind the bar.  There was a young couple sitting at the bar, having a conversation.  I walked to the end of the bar when JUNIOR, the day bartender came over to me and said that he overheard the conversation and it sounded like a breakup was taking place.  Interesting.

Meanwhile, there was another guy sitting by himself at the middle of the bar.  Turns out he was one of our MMA regulars.  In other words, he usually came in for our UFC ppv events.  So he and I started talking about UFC stuff when all of a sudden, the guy and girl walk outside.  A few minutes later, the girl comes back inside alone.  No big deal.

About 20 minutes pass and it becomes apparent that the guy has left the girl behind.  She was cool about it.  Now the MMA guy, JUNIOR and the girl began to do the idle chit-chat thing.  Through all of this it comes out that the girl and guy had been dating for about 4 months but the guy had a history of being insecure about their relationship.  She goes on to say that he has anger management issues and had been in therapy for it.  She even goes on to say that he had been physically abusive in the past.  Great.  Sounds like a winner.

Now things get really interesting.  As the minutes roll by, the MMA guy and the girl starts to hit it off (a couple glasses of Duvel Green didn't hurt his confidence level either).  At one point, the girl and guy are comparing each other's muscles, she's rubbing his thigh and he's rubbing his arm. Still innocent stuff at this point, but then the boyfriend appears out of nowhere- just as he goes to walk in, he sees this happening and he turns around and storms off.  Oy vey.  The girl didn't see him so I told them they the guy just saw them and stormed off.  The girl was a bit worried, wondering when he went.  The MMA guy, however, wasn't worried in the least.  The beer muscles are coming out now.

The new couple are now back to talking and openly canoodling and while this is going on, I could see the boyfriend sulking and slinking around the neighborhood, watching everything taking place from outside.  One minute he's standing across the street, the next minute he's peeking in the window, and you can see the steam coming out of his ears.  Great.  This is going to get ugly.

The boyfriend eventually comes back into the bar and sits right next to the girl, and begins asking her questions, while the MMA Guy is sitting right there.  It's obvious that he's trying to get the girl to leave with him, but she brushes him off and he eventually storms off.  Minutes later, the girl and MMA guy begin making out openly at the bar and the boyfriend is standing outside across the street, watching all of this happen.  Crazy shit.  Now the girl decides that she has to go back to the boyfriend's apartment, because she's left her dog there and has to pick it up.  MMA Guy offers to go with her.  Great.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking that the boyfriend has probably tossed the dog out of the window or this is going to turn into a double homicide or something.  I'll have to check the papers to see.

What a perfect way to end a busy weekend.  I tell ya, you can't make this stuff up.

We now enter the bar business' version of Hell Week.  Between the Champions League replays, the launch of March Madness and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, it is going to be a fun week for you, and a killer week for us.  But we're ready!  So you better bring your "A" game because we're bringing ours.

Oh and by the way, if you are interested in joining our NCAA March Madness Group, shoot me an email at thirdandlongnyc@gmail.com and I'll send you the link.  May the best man/woman win! 

MUG NIGHT MADNESS tonight featuring $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs and $2 mugs, all other domestic drafts (5pm-close).  NBA Double-header (San Antonio vs Miami, Orlando vs Los Angeles) and NHL hockey on tap tonight!


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