Baseball fans are in a giddy state today as the 2011 Major League Baseball season officially begins today with SIX games on the slate:

NY Yankees vs Detroit Tigers (1pm)
Atlanta Braves vs Washington Nationals (1pm)
Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers (2pm)
Kansas City Royals vs LA Angels (4pm)
San Diego Padres vs St. Louis Cardinals (4pm)
San Francisco Giants vs L.A. Dodgers (8pm)

The biggest question of the day (aside from why on earth are they starting the season on a Thursday) is: Will Mama Nature wreck havoc on Opening Day?  There are reports of everything from cloudy skies to rain to a possible N'oreaster dumping 6 to 12 inches to the Northeast part of the U.S.  Crazy stuff.  What will we end up having for today's Yankee home opener?  I guess we'll find out soon enough.  Stay tuned.

Last night's edition of Pub Trivia was a packed affair as 20 teams competed for a chance to win the last entry into next week's Tournament of Champions final.  And once again, it came down to a chug-off to determine the winner.  That's how we roll at Third and Long's weekly Pub Trivia soiree.  Check out the photos and see for yourself:

 So, now that we have the ten teams ready to face off for the title of PUB TRIVIA TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS, who do you think will win it all?  Swing by next Wednesday and cheer your favorite team on!  Battle begins at 8pm!

TONIGHT:  NY Rangers vs NY Islanders Rivalry Viewing Party (7pm)!  Enjoy 2 Molson Canadians for $7.00 (5pm-10pm)!


NeverComingBack said...

I think the question really is...

Soooooo...Because I won't tip you a $1 (50%) on 2 - $1 beers, no hot dogs today?

swandad said...

Only one way to find out, you dirty-water-dog lover. Show up.

swandad said...

Oh, and I think the way to look at it is: "You gotta give love to get love"... ;)