I was just reminded of a conversation I overheard at the bar the other day.  The topic was real estate rents in NYC; more specifically, the high cost of living in Manhattan and what people would do to score a great lease in the city.

Living in the Big Apple is not for the faint of heart, with the ridiculous rents that people pay for the minuscule amount of square footage they get for their hard earned bucks. I've often heard people brag about how they were able to score a studio apartment the size of a shoebox for about $1700-2000 a month and it makes me gag.  That's considered a good deal here.  Outsiders think we're nuts but that's the price you pay for the privilege of calling Manhattan your home.

In this case, the conversation was about scoring that Must-Have apartment and how far one was willing to go to get the apartment.  There was talk of bribing the real estate agent with some extra cash so that their application was "placed" on top of the pile.  One person actually said (with no hesitation) that if she needed to give her real estate agent a "BJ" to get the apartment she wanted, it would be worth it.  As she put it, "It's just part of the cost of getting what you want".  Whoa.  And what threw me off in the whole conversation was that this was all being discussed so nonchalantly.  None of the other people in the conversation flinched when it was said, which leads me to ask you:

"How far are YOU willing to go to score that perfect NYC apartment?"  I'm really intrigued to hear your thoughts on this.  Feel free to chime in!

TONIGHTPub Trivia takes a brief hiatus this week so that we can host the Opening Night of the NHL playoffs.  All NHL games on tap will be aired, led by our NY RANGERS PLAYOFF VIEWING PARTY!

There are a lot of high expectations for the Blueshirts against the Caps so I expect the game tonight to be pretty intense! Get there early and dress in your Rangers' colors! We will raffle off a $25 bar tab to a random NY Rangers fan. You must be wearing something NY Rangers-related to qualify!

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what i get out of that conversation is that it looks like 'real estate agent' is the job to have in the city.

Anonymous said...

God I hope a lot of chicks comment on this.

B to the...

Kat said...

So what's the bribe if the real estate agent is female???

Anonymous said...

I think this BJ giving patron and I would get along quite well.

B to the...