Last night we hosted a Playoff Viewing Party for the New York Rangers/Washington Capitals game.  It was the first time the NY Rangers appeared in the playoffs in two years and expectations were high for NY Ranger fans. We devoted most of the TV's for that particular game and the majority of the fans were pro-Rangers.  We also had a small contingent of Pittsburgh Penguins fans in to watch the PIT/T.B. game as well as some Detroit Red Wings supporters watching their team play against the Phoenix Coyotes

 Winners of a $25 Bar Tab!

Boston Bruins fan.  Nuff said.

 Originally came for Pub Trivia.  Stuck around for the games instead.

A couple of Pittsburgh Penguins fans

The Rangers/Caps game was pretty intense and low scoring, with both teams playing hard and trying to avoid making any crucial mistakes.  The game ended up going into overtime and Washington pulled out a squeaker of a goal right before the end of the first OT to win, 2-1.  Brutal but what are you going to do?  The Rangers played them well and Washington was lucky to win the game.  At least you know that the Blueshirts will be a tough out.  It will be an interesting series to watch.

We also got a large contingent of Vancouver Canucks fans in for their game vs Chicago and they were not disappointed as the Canucks showed why they were the President's Cup winners (top overall team in the NHL) this season.  They pretty much had their way against the defending Stanley Cup champions, shutting them out 2-0.

Overall, it was a great night if you are a hockey fan.  The Road to the Cup officially kicked off with some great games and we're looking forward for even more excitement tonight as the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens kick off their series.  There's a lot of bad blood between the two teams based on events taking place in a few games during the season.  Fans of both teams are looking forward to this series as much as the players and I expect nothing less than an all-out war between the two teams.  Dare I say epic?  Anything's possible. Gametime: 7pm
Two other series kick off tonight as well: Philadelphia faces off against Buffalo (7:30p) and Los Angeles faces San Jose in the late game (10pm).  We will carry all three games LIVE!  Get there early.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

 MOLSON TWIN THURSDAYS are in effect tonight! Get two bottles of Molson Canadian for $7.00 (5pm-10pm)!  Catch Boston/Montreal (w/Audio, 7pm) and all other NHL Playoff games and settle in for another great night of playoff hockey!  We also carry the MLB Extra Innings package for all of your baseball needs!


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