Thursday was apparently the perfect day to celebrate all things Mexican as Cinco de Mayo came on like gangbusters in Murray Hill.  It certainly caught me off guard.

I spent most of the afternoon helping FIREMARSHALL ED set up for the evening's shennanigans in anticipation for what should have been a busy night.  After the setup took place, I had some time to kill, so I popped over to BAREBURGER for a quick bite and to catch up on some paperwork (great place, by the way).  While I was there, I could see throngs of happy people walking up and down 3rd Avenue, with party faces on.  The bars were starting to fill up and that was my cue to get back to Third and Long.

When I got back to the bar, the place was EMPTY, except for SID the KID, our bartender and two old ladies, enjoying a nice cold sangria by the window.  I thought to myself "This isn't happening right now".  Where were all of the revelers that I saw walking up and down the Avenue?  At first I started to go into panic mode- but then I stopped.  Why panic?  We're set up for a good night of revelry.  If the masses come out to play, they come out.  If not, what can you do?  There are only so many things you can control.  So I went up to the apartment to do some last minute things and when I came back..... BOOM.

I don't know what happened during the 30 minutes I was gone but during that time, the bar went from zero to sixty and the place was jumping!  It became an "all-hands on deck" situation, as pints of Dos Equis flowed like Niagara Falls, groups of co-workers were dancing about and plenty of bad decisions were being made. 

To say we were slammed is an understatement.  I have to tip my hat to my staff for being up for the challenge, even SULLY, who gripes about everything, even kept up with chaos with minimal complaints.  So what looked at first to be a bust of a night, turned out to be a pretty good one after all. Ole!

THIS WEEKEND:  The weekend is highlighted by NBA & NHL playoffs (including the possible early end of Round 2 games in the NHL), and the Running of the Roses, the Kentucky Derby.  Join the RUNNING MAN as he tends bar during his annual Kentucky Derby Viewing Party, complete with $2 mugs and $5 Mint Juleps!  Should make for a fun day!  And of course, don't forget to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday!

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