Yes boys and girls, yet another sign that the Summer season is quickly approaching, (though you wouldn't know that based on how our Spring has been so far): Cinco de Mayo.

You know, it's that holiday that Americans assume is the celebration of Mexican Independence (which it isn't) by way of tequila shots, Mexican beers, flowers, piƱatas and plenty of bad decisions.  To learn more about what Cinco de Mayo is, click here .  In a cliff-notes version of what Cinco de Mayo really is, it's the celebration of the Mexican Militia's victory over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. (Mexico's Independence Day is September 16th).

But America being what it is, we'll use any holiday as an opportunity to celebrate with friends and cocktails.  So that being said, bring on the party!  We'll be celebrating CINCO de MAYO with copious amounts of Dos Equis (because that's what the Most Interesting Man in the World would do), tequila poppers and flavored shots (all $4 each), all night long! We'll also be serving up homemade sangria throughout the night so make sure to raise a glass to all of our friends who hail from South of the Border!

See you after work and of course, "STAY THRISTY MY FRIEND!"


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