As you all know, we, the Third and Long staff and patrons, have a love for the Canadian Cinnamon Whisky known as Fireball.Recently we found out that Fireball Whisky posted a notice stating that the record for most people doing a Fireball toast at once was 29 people.... SOOOOOOO, its time for 3NL to kick that record's BUTT!!! 

Come join us at 9pm on this Friday... at 9pm sharp;  We will set up 50 shot glasses on the bar and anyone that puts down a $5 bill will get their shot glass filled, and be part of a new record. We hope to fill 50 of them, at least! we have the video camera ready and will be sending Fireball documentation of the event. Even if you can only come for one shot, COME and JOIN US... and bring friends!!  The more, the merrier!

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