One of the things that Third and Long is proud of is that it's one of the first places in NYC to introduce FIREBALL WHISKY.  If you haven't heard of FIREBALL, it's a cinnamon-flavored whiskey which reminds a lot of people of Goldschlager, which is a cinnamon flavored schnapps.  It is very easy to drink and can be consumed with ginger ale, Red Bull or on the rocks.  It's potent in that it goes down very easy- so easy, in fact that it's quite easy to find yourself enjoying a few before you realize its effects. Boom.  A crowd favorite, that's for sure.

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of our regulars (LARA and ALAINA) noticed on the FIREBALL WHISKY website that some bar set a record for the most number of people doing a Fireball toast at the same time with 29 people. Thinking that it was a reasonable number to beat and that it would something cool to do, they brought the idea to our attention and we decided to do our own toast to try and beat the record.

So on Friday night, we held our own FIREBALL WHISKY TOAST.  We somehow managed to recruit enough people (which was somewhat difficult based on the fact that it was Memorial Day Weekend) to not only beat the record of 29 people, but set an unofficial new record with 40 people all doing shots of FIREBALL WHISKY at the same time!

It was pretty funny watching all of this go down but I tip my to everyone who participated in getting this done. The only blemish with the event itself was that the girls who brought the original idea to our attention weren't able to be there to see it come to fruition.  So once again, we want to give special recognition to ALAINA and LARA for the idea and to BABY GIRL for pulling it off.  Job well done by all!  (video to follow)

Overall, good times were had by all and now the folks at FIREBALL WHISKY will know all about Third and Long for its rabid fans of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky!

TONIGHT: DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS returns with $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs, ALL NIGHT LONG!   It's also Game 1 of the NBA Finals, with the Miami Heat playing host to the Dallas Mavericks (9pm)


Wayne Marston said...

you have some hot ladies at that bar.

Wayne Marston said...

You have some hot ladies at that bar.