It's been a banner Spring here in NYC so far.  Since the season started, I can count on one hand the number of "spring-like" days we've actually had.  It's been that miserable.  Either it's been chillier than usual or so rainy, you would have thought you lived in Seattle.  It's been a huge FAIL.  Now that we're into May, things better improve quickly or else we won't have anything to show for the miserable Winter we endured.

So lately I've been having issues with my Dell laptop.  It seems that I may have exhausted all of the space on my C: Drive. And you when you see the little icon that says," you're running low on space, you should delete unused programs"?  I begin doing that, clicking on programs that says that they are "rarely used", yet not realizing that they may be important to the running of the laptop.  As a result, I somehow screwed up my Excel program, hosts of other programs, and I still keep getting that damn icon telling me that I am low on space.  And to make matters worse, when I click on a program to remove, it tells me that I don't have enough space to REMOVE the program?  Does that make sense? 

As it is, the keyboard is shot and I have to use an external keyboard to use it.  I've added memory to it, currently use an external hard drive for it (though I'm not sure if I am even using that correctly); Clearly it's time to get a new laptop.  Keep in mind, that this thing is almost 5 years old ( I won it in a quirky contest, called THE BRYAN MURPHY PROJECT) and it has taken quite a beating.

Everyone that I talk to about this keeps pushing me to get a Mac, and while the idea of getting a Mac sounds appealing, I am CLEARLY attached to my Dell (even as it falls apart before my eyes); and the thought of trying to transfer all of my files and stuff that I use for the bar from a PC to a Mac frightens me, quite frankly.  However, it is looking more and more like something needs to be done soon.  Hell, I can't even print up a flyer anymore. Ugh. Stay tuned.

Last night we had the guys from HOCKEY TALK LIVE in house to broadcast another hockey show during Dollar Draft Madness.  The guys (Paul, Sean and Ice Creep Mike) are great- they have a bubbly personality, know the sport of hockey and like to have a great time.  And with the NHL playoffs in full swing, it's cool to have them in house to interact with the hockey fans there to watch the games.  I was hoping to have them connect with the Vancouver Canucks fans who had been showing up to watch the games more and more of late.  However, after all of the calls from Canuck fans asking about their game, we only had one Canuck fan who actually showed up for the game!  Go figure.  The HOCKEY TALK LIVE guys still had a good time with everyone else at the bar, including our staff. 

TONIGHT: Pub Trivia returns to its regular time with a "Cinco de Mayo" theme! Team registration starts at around 7:30pm and the fun starts at 8pm.  We have $20 buckets of Full Sail Session Red or Black  and $4 Mixed Well Drinks (for ladies), all night long!  We'll also have NHL/NBA playoffs on tap throughout the night, so join us for some great fun!

Speaking of CINCO de MAYO, we're throwing our yearly CINCO de MAYO bash on Thursday, with $4 Dos Equis pints and $4 flavored shots all night long, so gather up the compadres after work and let it all hang out!


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Hard drive and external hard drives are full? Dude, that's a lot of porn, buddy.

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