Spring has finally reared its beautiful face and the windows are wide open! If today isn't the perfect day to throw back some cold ones for a buck, then I don't know if there will ever be one.  The beautiful people (and the not quite beautiful) are out in full force, so today is indeed THE DAY to ponder all the possibilities.

DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS. The tradition continues tonight, just as soon as you clock out at work!

Yankees vs Royals, 7pm
Hawks vs Bulls, Game 5, 8pm.
Red Wings vs Sharks, Game 6, 8pm.
Mets vs Rockies, 8:30pm.

A day like this makes work tolerable. 

Nuff said.
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Anonymous said...

Good enough weather to give us plenty of photos of New Yorks finest ladies downing dicks, I mean drafts?

B to the...