Tonight, the bar will be hosting a fundraiser for MS (6-9pm, open to the public), one of countless number of fundraisers we've hosted over the years.  We've always opened up our doors to various fundraising projects over the years (Team-in-Training, I Will Foundation, MS, American Cancer Society, etc.), as it is part of our creed to always give back whenever possible.  It's a karma thing: Do right for the people who do right by you. And tonight is no exception.  We're expecting a good, festive crowd for this event so I expect nothing but good times for a good cause.

As for Pub Trivia, it has been rescheduled for tomorrow night.  It seems that the Pub Trivia folks have been moved around a lot lately, and we apologize for that.  It's just one of those quirky times of the year.  But I can say that tomorrow's edition of Pub Trivia will be a fun one, that's for sure!  Hope to see the regulars (as well as some newbies) there!

Over the weekend I posted about the upcoming World Police and Fire Games, taking place in NYC in late August.  To commemorate the start of the "Countdown" to the actual event, Team NYC will be hosting a "Bar Tour" to raise funds and awareness of the upcoming Games.  There are eight bars that will be hosting specific events throughout the summer, kicking off with "Bruce Night with the WPFG" this Friday at Saloon NYC.  (look out for details of our WPFG event, taking place on June 9th).

Enough babble on my end.  Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll regale you with some juicy stuff later tonight!


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