Well, the year long saga that was "The Decision" finally ended last night.  And not with the expected results, I'm afraid.

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They say a picture paints a thousand words.  This one says it all.  Now I could jump into a long diatribe on how LeBron "King" James came up short (again) when his "talents" were needed the most.  I could go on about how the The Big Three were being cocky and celebrated winning the championship before a single game was played.  But I'm not going to, simply because there's no need to pile on what's already been stated.

It simply wasn't your time, Heat.  You may have brought in the "pieces to the puzzle";  The problem was, you had the wrong puzzle.  You can't force pieces where they don't fit.  So, while this was a humbling moment for "The Big Three", I'm sure they will (hopefully) use this as a motivational tool and eventually win their championship.  It just won't be this year, as they strongly suggested last summer.  Nuff said.

Now that the NBA season is finally over, we can put all of our focus on tonight's Stanley Cup Final.  It's Game 6 and The Vancouver Canucks are on the cusp of finally winning their first CupNew York sports fans can recall how they came close to winning back in '94, before the NY Rangers derailed their dream.  The Canucks haven't been back since and this is their chance to redeem themselves.  It will be a difficult task as the Boston Bruins held serve, blasting the Canucks in Games 3 & 4, to the tune of 12-1 (if memory serves me correct).  So winning the Cup on the road will not be an easy task; especially in hostile territory.

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Game 6 kicks off at 8pm and of course, we will be carrying the game LIVE, (with audio)!  Join us for what should be one hell of a game.  Will the Canucks prevail or do we go to a final game on Wednesday night?  I don't know if my heart can handle a Game 7.  Let's see what happens tonight!

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