The new summer drink specials started last night with "Monday Night Delight", featuring $2 domestic draft mugs and 2 for 1 glasses of Wine or Sangria.  This new deal went over well with the Intern set as they jumped all over the deal like flies on a turd.  After a slow start to the evening, the young professionals began to show up in waves and next thing you know, the bar was abuzz with happy faces.

Some of the highlights of the night included the appearance of a young lady wearing a tiara of all things; It was her 21st birthday and she was celebrating it like a bachelorette; Beauty pageant sash, the ridiculous aforementioned tiara, and a to-do list of tasks that she had to accomplish before midnight. There were a lot of things she wanted to do that I put the kibosh on (like dancing on the bar or riding piggy back on me); but eventually she settled on doing a body shot on some random guy.  Ironically enough, I think they ended up exchanging numbers.  How nice.

Then later on in the night, just as everyone was feeling good and getting their groove on, some random guy comes up from the bathroom and says to me and THE RUNNING MAN, "Yo, I don't know if you work here or not but someone better get to the men's room quick! It's like Niagara Falls down there!".  So we bolt down the stairs and sure enough, one of the urinals was doing a continual flush and water was pouring out onto the floor... like Niagara Falls!  What the ***k!

After somehow figuring out how to cut off the water source to the toilet, we spent the next half hour cleaning up about an inch of water, and the funny thing about that?  No one upstairs had a clue what had just happened.  Catastrophe averted.  Just another night at Third and Long.

So again, what started out as a mellow night turned into a rousing affair after all.  Not a bad way to start the week and not a bad way to end Spring 2011.

Today is the official Summer Solstice, also known as the first day of Summer!  It's also the LONGEST day of the year.  Many people mark the Summer Solstice in different ways, some spritual, some radically, others mark it in unique ways (for example, there is a day-long yoga marathon taking place in Bryant Park to honor the day).  What are we doing?  D'uh!  It's Tuesday- which means dollar drafts!  The way I see it, with today being the longest day of the year, it gives you extra time to enjoy a mug of beer.  No brainer.

So since it's the longest day of the year, that leaves me more time to handle my errands and appointments for the day.  Hope you have a great first day of Summer!  See you tonight for our



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