We ushered in the Summer Solstice last night in the way we know best: Plenty of beers.  And there were plenty of takers who didn't mind doing a liquid tribute to the start of Summer on the longest day of the year....

Summer Tuesday nights at 3 & L never gets old, even after 20 years!  Gotta love it!

Now that Summer is in full swing, we are preparing for a lot of events that will be taking place at the bar over the next few weeks.  For example, aside from tonight's weekly Pub Trivia Night, we're hosting a "meetup" for online video gamers tomorrow night, sponsored by online gaming giant, OnLive. There's also a Heineken promotion taking place tomorrow night, complete with the lovely Heineken models who will be giving out samples and giveaways.

Then on Friday, we're hosting our 2nd Annual Québec Day Party.  If you were in attendance at last year's event, then you know how packed we got for it.  I expect much of the same this year, especially with the party falling on a weekend night.  Should be a fun night.

We'll also host a few fundraisers over the next couple of weeks.  So it will be an "All-Hands-On-Deck" situation for me and the staff, but I'm sure we'll be up for the challenge.  It should be interesting.

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