It seems like only last week when we were celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.  Now I look up and it's already the end of June and the 4th of July holiday is staring me in the face.  Where in the hell did the time go?  Why didn't time move this quickly back in January when we were getting bombarded with snow?  I tell ya, Mama Nature sure likes to stick it to us. 

It seems as if our new Summer nightly specials are working out nicely.  Last night's edition of "Monday Night Delight" brought in a rather large contingent of females who were smitten with the 2-for-1 Sangria/Wine deals and clearly fell in love with the jukebox.  The whole time they were here I felt like I was listening to soundtracks from "Empire Records" and "Abba's Greatest Hits".  Lots of dancing and carousing well into the night.  Their positive spirit seemed to rub off on other groups sitting nearby because when all was said and done, all three tables in the back of the bar were intermingling, dancing and having a great time. While that was going on, other folks were taking advantage of our $2 domestic draft mugs, using the opportunity to try out brands they wouldn't normally know about, like Lagunitas IPA, Ommegang BPA and Hometown NY Lager, just to name a few. Not bad for a Monday night.

On a side note:  Special message to the whiny guy who spent TWO HOURS after the bar closed whining and crying to his girlfriend not to break up with him.  Dude, grow a set.  If she doesn't want to be with you anymore, suck it up and move on.  You crying and moaning like a little puss isn't going to make her change her mind.  If anything, it validates in her mind why she's dumping you.  I'm just sayin'.

TONIGHT: Pre Holiday Dollar Draft Madness (5pm-close, $1 Bud/Bud Light mugs)!  This is always a busy night as everyone prepares for the upcoming long weekend.  We're stocked up on Bud/Bud Light kegs and the AC is pumping cool air, so bring on the masses and let's blow it out!


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