It's Sunday afternoon and I find myself behind the bar for "Chill-Out Sundays" and I am STILL recovering from the great night we had on Friday.

For those of you out of the loop, we hosted our 2nd Annual Québec Day Party on Friday and it turned out to be a huge success.  It attracted a lot of people, (Canadian expats and Americans alike) who enjoyed an evening of French-Canadian entertainment, great food from Mile End Brooklyn and slew of great beers from Québec (which we sold out most of). 

Going into the event I was a bit of a stress ball, trying to coordinate everything from delivery of the special beers, to obtaining the decorations to securing the services of Mile End.  Now I am usually calm and cool when it comes to dealing with parties/events at the bar.  However, it's something about this particular event that brings about extra stress for me.  I want to make sure everything goes smoothly (and thankfully it did), so I worry and worry up until the event begins and then all of a sudden, a certain calmness comes over me.  At that point, I've done everything I could do to make sure things work out and now you let the chips fall where they may and hope for the best.  You rely on your staff to pull things through and let the party roll.  And in this case, the staff came through with flying colors, resulting in a great night for everyone.

As you can see, it was a festive crowd who totally got into the vibe of the night and by the time all was said and done, all of the food was gone, most of the specialty beers were gone and the staff was wiped out.  Practically everyone left the bar with smiles on their faces from celebrating Québec's National Day and even though we were exhausted from all of the hard work that went into the day, we could all agree that it was a fun night to work.

Check out more pics from the Québec Day Party HERE


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