It's Sunday night and we find ourselves relatively busy for the end of the weekend.  Nothing chaotic, mind you, but just busy enough to notice that it's busy.  One great thing about tonight is that the weather has finally cooled off (a tad) enough to actually feel.... comfortable.

If you were in NYC this weekend, you no doubt suffered through what could be termed as the WORST heatwave in years (50 to be exact).  With temps soaring over 100 degrees on both Friday and Saturday, it was hot enough to drive you mad.  It was so hot, that our poor AC unit finally gave out after hours of trying to provide comfort to us.  That being said, with it being so hot, we still ended up having a good weekend as most folks made the best of a bad situation.  I give them a lot of credit for dealing with the heat because like I said before, it was B-R-U-T-A-L!  Thankfully we're finally getting some relief (for the moment at least)!

In other great news, it looks like the NFL lockout is finally OVER! We can now look forward to another great season of NFL Sunday Fundays and I'm sure everyone's excited about that.  Training camps will get underway shortly and we can expect to hear Fantasy Football talk around the bar soon.  Time to plan for the drafts!

Bizarre happenings over in Europe, between the senseless killings in Norway and the not-so-surprising death of singer Amy Winehouse.  A lot of buzz on Facebook and Twitter and the thing that struck me about the two events was that there seemed to be more of a buzz about Amy Winehouse's death than there was for the tragedy in Norway.

C'mon folks!  While it's always sad to see a talented artist die so young, let's be real: We all saw this coming for years now.  It wasn't thatunexpected.  Don't mean to sound callous about this but what happened in Norway was simply stunning and why it was done, even more so.  95 people died at the hands of a madman and it appears to be looked at as a passing thought.  Instead, we dwell on a person who had a history of problems, problems that we all knew would probably get the best of her and it ultimately did.  Sad and senseless on both parts.

Onto more upbeat stuff.  We're celebrating "Christmas in July Week" at Third and Long and all week, we'll be celebrating with unique drinks befitting of the celebration, as well as giveaways throughout the week.  Check with the bartenders to see what cool drinks we have on tap and get your 'Ho-Ho-Ho" on at Third and Long!  "Merry Christmas (in July)!

TONIGHT: "MONDAY NIGHT DELIGHT" featuring $2 domestic draft mugs and 2-for-1 wine/sangria by the glass!  Check out your favorite MLB teams on our MLB Extra Innings package!


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