All week you've read about my gripes with the weather, specifically the ridiculous heatwave we've been going through.  However, I think we may finally reach the clincher today.  This may be the hottest day I've ever endured as a New Yorker.  As of 12:50pm, the temperature on my official blog meter read 95.1 degrees, though the official temp in Central Park was already at 100 degrees.  They are already calling for "brownouts" in parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester County, which concerns me because, where there's brownouts, blackouts aren't that far behind.  And that doesn't help anybody, let alone me.

How bad is it?  Normally when I run errands for the bar, I like to walk to get some exercise in for the day.  Not today.  I took a cab to the bank, handled my business, took a cab back to the bar and STILL found myself drenched in sweat.  I'm really feeling for all of you folks working outside today.  Yeah I said it yesterday, but I really mean it today.  So much so that I'm kicking in extra for the tip for my food delivery guy. And you know I dropped off my laundry today- you won't see me schlepping the old lady cart to the landromat this week.  Eff that.

And awhile back, I spoke about brothas and the requisite sweat rag?  You know they are out in full force today.  Case in point- homeslice to the right.  He's got the right idea.  He's even working with the extra-large towel, indicating that he don't give a fuck how he looks, it's all about comfort today.  Boom.

So with all that being said, Mama Nature has once again flexed her dainty muscles and New Yorkers are feeling the brunt of her power.  When will the madness end?  As I sit here and watch the exodus of weary folks leave the "Fried Apple" hoping to find refuge near the beaches of L.I. or NJ, I can only wish that I was among them.  Oh, and one last thing:  Would it be wrong of me to give a "facepalm" to any female choosing to wear black stretchy pants and top on a day like today?  Ugh!

Stay classy and more importantly, stay COOL!


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