The New York Weather Media is on full-on overhype status as Hurricane Irene lurches its way towards the Northeast. As I sit in my usual place at the bar typing up the blog post, folks are scurrying around, umbrellas in tow like rats on a ship; at the same time, press conferences from the Mayor of New York and the Governor of New Jersey are on the verge declaring Martial Law. Stock up on rations, flashlights, batteries, pack an emergency bag with all of your papers and small currency...yada yada yada.

Look, I get it.  We're about to see our first hurricane so of course, the media has to push the hell out of it.  However, we're New Yorkers.  We're used to the drill and will be prepared.  We are resilient and we'll get through it.  We always do.  The biggest worry I have is that the overhype of this storm will turn into a "Peter Cries Wolf" kind of thing, where you end up tuning out the emergency warnings.  That, my friend, doesn't help anyone.  So yes, get the word out, but chill out a bit.  This ain't Armageddon.

In other happenings, while I was busy trying to catch up on bar paperwork last night, PUB TRIVIA was taking place with plenty of spirited competitors involved in the festivities.  I apologize to those of you who came by last night, looking for me to hang out but it was one of those nights where I simply could not get away to play.  Trust me, if I had to choose, I would have gladly come by for a few pops instead of dealing with dull paperwork.  But duty calls and we have some things in the works that will hopefully make all of this worthwhile.

So while I was toiling away in my cave, the patrons were having a good time, competing with one another for bragging rights and cool prizes...

Apparently there was some type of "Fear Factor" stunt taking place in front of one of the bars down the block.  In this particular case, folks were invited to sit in a tent full of tarantulas to win prizes.  I like to win things as much as the next guy.. but not that much!

A special Smirnoff Ice Chug-Off to break the tie!

Looks like everyone had a great time!  PUB TRIVIA returns after Labor Day (September 7th)!

AND FINALLY: The World Police and Fire Games kicks off tomorrow so you'll no doubt see plenty of visitors around the city for the various events.  Make sure to welcome them and if you are near any of the venues, check out the events taking place.  Most of them are free to the public and the athletes will appreciate the support.  If you want to check out a schedule listing of events, go to the 2011WPFG web site for more details!

TONIGHT: "Weekend Warm-Up Happy Hour" (5pm-10pm), with $4 domestic drafts, mixed well drinks and sangria! All WPFG attendees invited to join us! NFL Pre-Season football: Washington vs Baltimore (8pm)!


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