We're halfway through the U.N. General Assembly Conference and it has been a complete MADHOUSE around here.  With traffic on the major avenues at a perennial standstill for most of the day,  nerves are starting to fray.  Delivery truck drivers, taxi cab hacks and pedestrians alike are at wit's end with no relief in sight.  While we've come to expect this at this time each year, it still doesn't make it easier to bear.

Yesterday was particularly brutal as it rained for much of the morning, which made getting around town more annoying than usual.  It was nearly impossible to get a cab, and if you were lucky enough to snag one, you were almost better off not taking one as it probably sat in a parking lot of traffic, thanks to the GRIDLOCKOLYPSE.  In my case, it meant schlepping across town in the rain.  Not a happy camper.  I'm pretty sure road-rage arrests will rise this week; I'd be shocked if it didn't.

On a happier note,  I want to send a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to our friend THE ENERGIZER BUNNY and her very happy hubby, ED on the arrival of their first child, MAX!    Forever faithful to Third and Long, the ENERGIZER BUNNY and ED stopped by the bar to say hi before making their way to the hospital for the delivery of MAX (who apparently wasn't quite ready to leave the cocoon just yet!):

I'm happy to report that both mother and child are doing fine and it looks like he will be a handful!

And while I'm on the HAPPY NEWS TRAIL, there seems to be a trend of former bartenders getting hitched.  First we had SEXY BLONDE, who tied the knot just over a year ago; Then there was  FIREMARSHALL ED, who got engaged and now set to tie the knot in a couple of weeks; Then former bartender TEACHER'S PET got engaged to BEN AFFLACK.  Most recently, THE RUNNING MAN survived Hurricane Irene and got married, while on the same weekend, our favorite Canadian bartender, ELISHA from T-DOT got engaged in Central Park, right before Irene made her appearance.  Add to that list, LIZZIE who's about to get hitched this weekend and if this keeps up, next thing you know, I'll have to replace a whole staff! Congrats to all of you and best of luck!

CRAFT BREW OFFERING:  In honor of NYC Craft Brew Week and Oktoberfest, for a limited time we will be offering up our "Oktoberfest Craft Brew Bucket Sampler".   The Sampler consists of FIVE carefully selected craft brews from various parts of the United States and Europe, all paying homage to Oktoberfest.  Each bucket will also come with a brief description of each craft beer as well as sampler cups for you and your guests.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIMITED offering, so once we run out, that's it.   Each month, we'll run a different Craft Brew Bucket Sampler with a different theme, so check in each month to see what's available!

PUB QUIZ NIGHT tonight!  Week 1 of the Annual Tournament of Champions begin tonight, so if you and your office mates think you have what it takes to be crowned Pub Trivia Champs, join us and show everyone what you got!  It's free to play and there's great prizes up for grabs!  Fun starts at 8pm though we STRONGLY suggest that you get here at least an hour beforehand to snag a cozy nook for you and your team (up to 6 members per team).  $4 Well Drinks (for ladies) and Hometown NY Lager buckets (5/$20)!


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