So... how was your commute to work today?  Unless you have access to a helicopter to your office, you'll no doubt realize that today's the start of the United Nations General Assembly Conference, in which over 120 Heads of State descend on our fair city and wreck havoc on our lives.  This week will be a virtual pain in the ass if you have any dealings on the East Side of Manhattan, starting with a visit from the POTUS tonight.  Yay.

Still recovering from a long weekend of football at the bar.  Between the great college football games on Saturday and the raucous crowd in attendance on Sunday, it took the wind out of my sails when all was said and done. The Sunday Brew Crew held court during the early games and then the DOLFANS NYC members showed up in full force for their 4pm tilt vs Houston.  While this week's game was closer than last Monday night's fiasco vs New England, the Dolphins still came up a bit short against the Texans, disappointing the capacity crowd in attendance.

One highlight from the day:  We got a visit from the TV crew of the weekly program "Inside the NFL" during the Miami/Houston game.  They were doing a piece on bars in NYC that host out-of-town teams and they must have gotten wind of us being a Dolphins bar. Everyone in attendance definitely got into that.

Another highlight of my day was meeting 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan's doppelganger at the bar.  A self-professed Dolphins fan, he came in very early in the afternoon.  Kept wearing sunglasses in the bar (which drives me nuts) and every so often he'd come up and ask for the Dolphins game (which didn't start for hours) and offering up his services as a fry cook.  Said he made a mean chicken and waffles.  WTF?  At the end of the game, he gave me his number in a crumpled up piece of napkin and said call him if we needed his services.  Okay pal.


Looking forward to the NY Giants/Rams game tonight, if for nothing else, to see what kind of team will show up on the field tonight for the G-Men.  After last week's dismal showing, they certainly couldn't do any worse against the Rams... or could they?  We're kicking things off tonight with  our "Pre-Game Tailgate Party" at 5pm with $2 domestic draft mugs flowing all night long!


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