Last night the bar hosted a fundraiser for "Light The Night Walk" (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), led by four lovely young ladies, JOHANNY MOTA, MADISON RING,  HILARY MCCANSE and TRACY BACHMANN. They had a pretty good turnout and the fund-raiser was highlighted by a rousing rendition of Beer Bingo (a bar favorite), led by the incomparable BINGO STUD. The girls had a pretty good turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Most importantly, the girls raised a lot of dough for a great cause.


 Of course, a good night like this one wasn't without a bit of controversy.  We ended up getting a fairly large, boisterous group of young sales executives from a nationally-known TV network that used to air music videos but now lives on crappy reality TV shows about pregnant mothers and Guido fist pumpers.  They were generally obnoxious to begin with but tolerable.  However, their ringleader and boss (who decided it would be cool to take out his underlings), was a complete arsehole from the moment he stepped into the bar.

Between his loud and obnoxious behavior in the bar, his disdain for my bar staff and anyone that wouldn't give him the time of day, he immediately became the #1 candidate for Jackhole of the Week.  When scores of people began ordering drinks and putting it on his tab, one of my bartenders reached out to Jackhole to vouch for these individuals who were trying to put drinks on his tab.  He wasn't being a dick about it; he just wanted to make sure that the people who were trying to put drinks on his tab were with him (we had a full bar, so I could understand the bartender's concern).  You would have thought Jackhole would have appreciated the sentiment- but NO!  Instead, he decided to berated my bartender, calling him the worse bartender he's ever seen, don't worry about who goes on my bill, blah blah blah (it was obviously the yayo talking at this point).  

Eventually Jackhole and his minions from the reality TV, non-music playing network finally left, much to the delight of everyone else in the bar.  Lesson for Jackhole: Just because you have a company credit card and minions kissing your arse for free drinks doesn't give you the green light to be a douche to anyone, let alone my staff.  We don't need your money that much.  Asscheese.

The rest of the night consisted of a rousing Pants Off, Dance Off between members of a club basketball team and the waitstaff of Jackson Hole restaurant.  Pretty interesting moves on the floor, that's for sure.

That's a wrap for an interesting Thursday night.  Now it's time to take in some NY Yankees playoff baseball.


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You wouldn't be talking about those nice folks over at MTV, would you?

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