It's Monday afternoon and I'm finally taking a brief moment to catch up on the blog. The busy weekend has come and gone and it's a total blur. From the monsoon rainstorm canceling the NY Yankees/Detroit game on Friday night, to the bizarre impromptu bar crawls we encountered during the day on Saturday, and the even more strange events taking place during BREW CREW SUNDAY, it was simply ONE OF THOSE weekends.

 That being said, I can't really complain about it as it was generally a good time for most folks.... except for the father/son hardcore Buffalo Bills fans who ended up getting into a fight with each other in the middle of 3rd Ave after pops dragged his son out of the bar. Yes, you can't make this up.

 Apparently the two were watching the Bills game at the Buffalo Bills hangout, McFadden's and must have stopped in for a quick one after their game ended. Pops wanted to leave after one beer, while his son wanted to stick around (Pops was probably in his mid-40's, while his son was maybe 22-23). They found themselves arguing to the point where I actually stepped in to make sure everything was ok. Pops said everything was cool, that he was conversing with his son. A few minutes later, you hear the sounds of a bottle crashing to the floor and next thing you know, Pops was shoving his son out of the door. They made their way up 3rd Avenue, arguing the whole time when the son shoves Pops. Pops gets enraged and shoves his son back, who goes flying into the street. They are arguing and shoving for a few minutes before finally making their way up 3rd Avenue. Strange dealings for sure.

 The rest of Brew Crew Sunday went as expected; The early games were pretty laid back and then at around 3:30p the bar filled up with Miami Dolphins fans (DOLFANS NYC) and tourists, ready to watch their games.

There's Pops (blue cap backwards) and son (Yankees cap) "discussing" whether or not to leave the bar...

Unfortunately for most of those in attendance, they went home with sad faces as the NY Yankees, NY Jets and Miami Dolphins all lost.  A bit of bright news: The NY Giants won their game.  So some sense of Brew Crew was salvaged.

NY YANKEES try to rebound tonight in Game 3 vs Detroit.  (8:30p).  Also check out Monday Night Football (Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay, 8:30p).  $2 domestic draft mugs & 2 for 1 wine or sangria by the glass ALL NIGHT LONG.



DLovo said...

Cant beat my two favorite bartenders screaming LOVO!!! everytime I ordered...lol I'll pass on the pumpkin beer as its not my cup of tea, but the Bills son sure did like it as he came to our table and swore one of the drinks at our table was his... So the generous soul that I am gave him the pint of pumpkin beer Kristina took a sip of and let sit there for about an hour...lol Another great night at Third And Long...
Cheers, D.Lovo

Anonymous said...

If you were a Dolfins fan, wouldn't you have given up hope by now, all of four games into the season and not even a hint of a win?

B to the...