Rain may have been in the forecast for last night but that didn't stop anyone who wanted to get together with two of our own, BABY GIRL and WINNIE COOPER.  With both girls celebrating their birthday on October 14th, they always make plans to celebrate their birthday with a bang.  And last night... was no exception.

While the debauchery was going on, there were also a large number of hockey fans in attendance to catch no less than FIVE different hockey games, USC vs Cal & MLB playoffs going on all at once!  Talk about sensory overload.

There were bets taking place about how wasted the girls were going to get. And while most of them were feeling varying degrees of drunkenness, for the most part, they were fine (aside from a missing pair of flip-flops, a IPOD that found itself playing Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" ad nausm, and BABY GIRL dancing on all the table tops).  Great turnout for the birthday guests of honor and a fabulous time was had by all!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  There's the Battle of NY Viewing Party (Rangers vs Islanders) on Saturday night (7pm), with great specials during the game.  With the NY Jets scheduled to host the Miami Dolphins on Monday night, we're getting a visit from Miami Dolphins legend Nat Moore on Sunday afternoon.  He's going to hang out and watch some games, greet some Dolfans and see what Third and Long is all about!  So swing by, say hello and catch a great afternoon of football with us!

That's on top of our regular weekend lineup of "Good, Pouring Fun!"


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The second to the last picture. Is that a Milwaukee Brewers Dave Bush t-shirt? Hope that guy got it on clearance - or free for that matter.

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