Over the weekend fans of the DOLFANS NYC were given a special treat as legendary Miami Dolphins WR NAT MOORE paid Third and Long a visit.

Our first encounter with NAT MOORE came last year when he heard through the grapevine that we were a Miami Dolphins bar.  So he came by unannounced on a Saturday night to see what the deal was.  Of course, there were no Dolphins fans around, and very little on the walls that indicated that we were indeed a Dolphins bar.  So I got the sense that he was a bit skeptical about us.  However, after seeing what we were about through reports, photos and video, he finally became a believer.

So it was great news to hear that he wanted to spend a Sunday afternoon with Dolfans NYC members to watch some football, even though the Miami Dolphins weren't scheduled to play until Monday night.  Dolfans NYC members were thrilled to meet him and hang out with him for an afternoon of tailgate food, football, and old stories, including the famous "Helicopter Play" (ironically enough, against the NY Jets):

Legendary Miami Dolphins WR Nat Moore greeting fans and signing autographs....

The Miami Dolphins also sent over a film crew to document the day's activities....

Members of DOLFANS NYC and Nat Moore posing for a group photo!


In the meantime, the Brew Crew members held court and enjoyed the relaxing afternoon in the only way they know how, through debauched behavior!

Late in the day we got a surprise visit from two SUNDAY BREW CREW OG's, CRIMSON CAMEL TOE and ANGEL (pictured w/SILENT BOB and T-BILL)  And yes, ironically enough, CRIMSON was wearing her namesake colored panties!

And then.. there's Rob.  He was a regular at the bar for many years before moving out West.  He comes back to visit a couple of times a year and when he does, let's just say that he leaves his mark in more ways than one... Nuff said!

So while there technically wasn't a game scheduled for the Dolphins on Sunday, it was still a successful day

Unfortunately for DOLFANS (and much to the delight of NY Jets fans), the success of yesteryear didn't come into play last night as the Miami Dolphins lack of offense led them to a 24-6 loss, their 5th straight.  Now they are one of three winless teams left in the whole league and the chants of "Suck for Luck"  (as in Stanford QB Andrew Luck) are starting to loom large.  Brutal.

Oh well, there's always next week.  Bring on the Denver Broncos!

TODAY:  We have a fun-filled day of sports on tap, starting with the return of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE soccer this afternoon (2:30p, all matches), followed by the return visit of the "HOCKEY THIS WEEK RADIO SHOW" (6pm), as they broadcast live before the start of a great hockey doubleheader: Montreal vs Buffalo (7:30p), followed by the NY Rangers vs Vancouver (10pm).

It's also DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS, where $1 mugs of Bud/Bud Light flows like Niagara Falls, ALL NIGHT LONG! Gather up the troops and enjoy a great night of "Good, Pouring Fun"!

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