As we come to the end of Columbus Day Weekend, I can't help but to look back upon it as one of the better holiday weekends I've encountered in quite a long time.  Beginning with Friday and FIREMARSHALL ED's wedding to a very relaxing holiday version of BREW CREW SUNDAY, it was the perfect mix of great weather and great times with the people I've grown to love and adore.

On Friday, I had the pleasure to join 400+ other guests in witnessing my dear friend FIREMARSHALL ED tie the knot to his longtime girl, Katie.  It was a great moment as I've practically watched this young man grow up from a wet-behind-the-ears high school kid to a mature young man with everything going for him.  His getting married was the culmination of everything you want to see a guy have and on this day, he finally got his.

The wedding was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the day itself was beautiful.  Got to catch up with a lot of old friends along the way;  Simply a BEAUTIFUL time!

Then there was BREW CREW SUNDAY: Columbus Day edition.  With the beautiful weather we were blessed with and the Miami Dolphins enjoying their bye week, the bar was very relaxed for a change.  That being said, we still found ourselves being entertained with a lot of intense games.  We also got some rare Sunday afternoon hockey, with my Montreal Canadiens playing against the Winnipeg Jets in the Jets' return to the NHL after a long absence.

Trends come and go but I can say without a doubt, I never get tired of my BREW CREW friends.  They are great to be around and loyal to a tee.  I  love 'em all!  They make the day.  Too bad I can't say the same for the NY Jets and Giants (boo!!)

Overall, it was a great weekend, both for the bar and for me personally.  That being said, I'm going to cut this post short so I can enjoy what's left of this beautiful holiday weekend before working tonight!  There's a lot going on today and tonight (NHL afternoon games, ALCS Game 2, NLCS Game 2, MNF: Chicago vs Detroit), so make sure you enjoy it!

BTW: Who else is loving "BOARDWALK EMPIRE" so far this season?

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!

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Please mail me your tie before your next tie-wearing event. I'll tie it for you so it at least goes down to your pants.

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