Last night was one of those nights where the word "discretion" was left at the front door.  In the midst of what was a pretty fun-filled night. there was a couple who decided to take "fun" to a whole new level.

At first the couple in question were simply canoodling at one of the tables, which is what couples tend to do. No big deal.  Then they both go outside for what I thought was for a quick cigarette break.  Boy was I sadly mistaken.  The girl jumps up onto the stoplight pole and began to do a stripper-pole dance, while her drunk boyfriend laughed playfully at her.  Interesting.  I "suggested" that she climb down from the pole before she got hurt.  She did, and that's when things really got weird.

She takes her boyfriend by the hand and led him down the block, and they began to make out on the side of our building.  No big deal.  Couples make out on the side of our building all the time.  I go back inside the bar for a moment to check on things and when I came back out, the couple had moved from the wall, to my stoop (or front steps for you non-New Yorkers out there).  He was standing up, "star-gazing", so to speak, while she was sitting on the steps... um, bobbing for apples, if you know what I mean.  Ok, is this really happening right now?  I get my door guy to take a look so he could confirm what I thought I saw.  Sure enough, the guy was getting a smoothie in front of my stoop.  Are you shitting me?

This went on for about ten or fifteen minutes and then they came back to the bar.  She went to the restroom (I'm assuming to gargle and spit) and he went to the men's room as well.  I'm thinking at this point, they are probably going to leave afterwards and most likely take their business to someone's apartment.  Ah, young love.

But NO!  They both come back from the bathroom, take a seat at the bar and order another drink.  Okay.....  A few minutes of idle chat and next thing you know, they are making out again.   Not subtle kisses, mind you, but full-on mind-blowing passionate makeout AT THE BAR.  Funny thing about this is that no one seems to notice or mind that all of this is going on.  No one (except the staff) knew that just minutes earlier, they were right outside the bar, serving up meat popsicles on my stoop!  It was just a matter of time before....

Here we go again..

A little pocket pool and next thing you know, they are back outside for Round 2...  This time, it's straight up slaying of dragons as the two go at it as if it was going to be the last time either one of them were going to be on this earth.

Ah... young love.  Nothing quite like it.  Thanks to NACHO LIBRE for his stealth paparazzi skills...

And I thought it was going to be a laid back kind of night.

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Ah yes, I used to be that guy, getting bj's outside the bar, taking questionable women home. Those were the good days.

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