These last few days have come and gone so quickly that I can't believe it's already Thursday.  Damn where does the time continue to go?  I feel like it was just yesterday when I was scrambling around getting things ready for the DOLFANS NYC Viewing Party with special guest, Nat Moore. Now I'm scrambling to get things in place for this weekend's NOTRE DAME/USC Viewing Party.

It's always something.

Between then and now I've:  Met with countless number of beer vendors looking for us to bring their products into our place; I've tried to (and still trying to learn) Photo Shop.  I started working on staff schedules, did the payroll, placed orders, received orders, turned away orders, and after all of that, I still have a list of things that still needs to be done.  Like I said, this week's been a total blur.

This is one of those weeks where you feel like no matter how much you run, you still find yourself in the same place.  Grrrr...

Oh, and I was riding in a cab today and got rear-ended.  Checking that off my NYC Bucket List (getting into a taxi-cab accident).

On another note, it certainly feels and looks like a tale of two cities:  Yesterday we dealt with a shitload of rain and you couldn't buy foot traffic.  Today, however, it's breezy and beautiful and everyone seems to be enjoying it as much as they can.   Even taking a few extra minutes from work to enjoy the moment, which is totally understandable since we won't have too many more of them.

I commend those diehard fans who braved the rain to come out for Pub Trivia last night.  With only a few spots left for the upcoming Tournament of Champions in mid November, last night was a prime opportunity for eager teams to qualify.

Best Team Name: "Look at That Tall Drink of Chocolate Milk" (in reference to yours truly).  They also won last night's Trivia and gained a berth into the Tournament of Champions!

So even with the crappy weather, a fair amount of players showed up to partake in Pub Trivia and a good number of them stuck around afterwards, which made for a fairly decent night after all.

One quick story: In the bar business, you work behind the bar, you occasionally attract a "fan" or two along the way.  Often times, that "fan" turns into a stalker, which in this business, can make for some uncomfortable situations.  We had one of those here last night, looking for her favorite bartender, who was, fortunately, off for the night.

At first she called the bar looking for him.  After being told he wasn't here, she showed up anyway.  Seeing that he wasn't here (like she was told), she stuck around and played Trivia.  Every so often she would go to the bathroom and coincidentally enough, the bar phone would ring and a strange sounding woman's voice would be at the other end, asking for her favorite bartender.  It was weird that this person would call at around the same time that the "fan" would go to the bathroom.  Hmmm...  Could it be?  Nah......   (creepy).

NOTRE DAME FANS: We're hosting another Viewing Party this Saturday night vs USC (8pm)!  Catch the game (w/audio), enjoy $4 Sam Adams pints and you could find yourself winning a brand new NOTRE DAME football jersey!  Get there early (no cover charge)!

TONIGHT: NHL & World Series on tap!  $4 Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue and Alexander Keith's Pale Ale available during ALL hockey games!  NYI vs TBL (7:30p), NYR vs CAL (9:30p)  plus out of town games (TOR vs BOS, MTL vs PIT, WAS vs PHIL, 7pm) and World Series, Game 2 (St. Louis vs Texas, 8pm)!


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