This is nuts.  On Halloween Weekend, we experience a snowstorm and two weeks later, it's 70 degrees.  I don't know what this world is coming to.  In this case, however, I didn't mind taking advantage of the great weather by running some errands before my long-overdue trip to Montreal.

Now I know there are a few of you betting on whether or not this trip actually takes place (hint: bet the farm on it happening); In any case I am looking forward to this trip like I was going to heaven. It's been about 2 years since my last trip to the Promised Land and to say I'm long overdue is an understatement.  While most of the trip will be of the "relaxing" variety, complete with visits to cultural places, great restaurants and of course, God-willing, a Habs game (or two), I will also do a bit of " bar-related" research.... for the cause.  Should be interesting.

In the meantime, while I spent most of the day OUTDOORS taking care of last-minute errands before my trip, I came across a now-familiar presence outside of the bar.  DAVE THE HAT, smoking his damn cigars.  Ugh.

Now if you are a casual fan or a regular at THIRD and LONG, then you've no doubt come across this fella.  He's known for four things: That damn orange fedora.  His sunglasses that he wears inside and out.  His unabashed love for the Detroit sports teams, and most importantly (and annoyingly), his love for CIGARS.

His cigars are so prominent that I don't even have to be at the bar to know when he's around.  The smell of them reaches up to my apartment and it's so pungent that I literally have to close my windows and break out the Febreeze.   Damn him!  The daytime regulars love him (insert sarcasm).  Actually, he's not that bad... if you could remove the cigar element from the equation.  But that's probably difficult to impossible to do as he's fixed on them like a crackhead on the pipe.  He ain't lettin' go.  *sigh*...

ESPN's highlighting the start of college basketball season tonight with it's basketball marathon starting at midnight, which is always fun if you are a college hoops fan.  And with the NBA more or less self-destructing today, this is about all you're going to get for your basketball fix these days.  Boo. Hoo.

MONDAY NIGHT DELIGHT is currently taking place at the bar ($2 domestic draft mugs ALL NIGHT) and the GB Packers look to extend their unbeaten streak vs the Minnesota Vikings (8:30p).  We'll carry the game live w/audio so swing by if you're in the hood.  We also have the NHL Center Ice Package in place for your hockey needs (MTL vs BUF, PHL vs CAR, 7pm).


*FOOTNOTE: Recently-retired NBA star SHAQUILLE O'NEILL just strolled (or should I say lumbered) by the bar at about midnight.  Holy crap that guy is HUGE!

Cheers again!

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