Last night saw the return of NFL action on a Thursday night as the San Diego Chargers hosted the Oakland Raiders.  Because the game was aired on NFL Network and the fact that our cable carrier (Time Warner) still doesn't carry the channel, we ended up with a pretty good crowd for the game.

SD SUPER CHARGER FAN gearing up for her big game vs Oakland

While the football game was going on, we also had a good number of Montreal Canadiens fans in the house to catch the Habs on the road vs Phoenix.

Among the fans supporting the Habs at the bar included acclaimed Montreal hip-hop star ANNAKIN SLAYD (pictured r. w/cap) who's a HUGE fan of my team.  He produced that cool song ("MTL Stand Up") that I would often play during Habs playoff games.  A very cool dude, down to earth and definitely knows his hockey.   He is currently supporting a new single ("Once More We Survive", w/Inspectah Deck of the WuTang Clan). You can check out the videos of both songs on his website.

I also got to meet the equipment manager of the Carolina Hurricanes.  The team's in town to play the NY Rangers tonight.  This guy was a delight to talk to, especially if you are a hockey fan like I am.  He's a "lifer", having worked with the NHL since 1967 with teams like the Detroit Red Wings, Hartford Whalers and now the Carolina Hurricanes.  He shared some great stories and I think he's become a fan of Third and Long, which is always cool.

As for the football game, the Oakland Raiders came to play, while the San Diego Chargers... did not.  Much to the chagrin of our resident SD Chargers Fan.  I thought by the end of the game she would have a complete meltdown.  I actually asked NACHO LIBRE, my trusty barback/bodyguard to cover me just in case she was ready to go postal.  Thankfully, she was relatively okay and I didn't have to talk her down from the window ledge.

All things being said, it turned out to be a pretty good Thursday night.  Now let's see what the weekend brings!

TONIGHT: NCAA HOOPS featuring North Carolina vs Michigan State, playing each other on a ship of all places! (7pm).   NHL hockey features the NY Rangers vs Carolina, NJ Devils vs Washington, Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa, just to name a few games.   NCAA Football game of the night:  SYRACUSE vs S. FLORIDA (8pm)

Make sure to check out our website to see what's happening this weekend at THIRD and LONG!

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