We at THIRD and LONG are pretty excited about tonight as we're FINALLY getting to host a LONG-OVERDUE promo of our most popular elixir, FIREBALL WHISKY!

Introduced to us by BABY GIRL a couple of years ago, FIREBALL WHISKY became an instant hit at the bar.  Patrons who never heard of it are usually skeptical at first when told of what it is, but the reaction is usually one of delight once they partake of the shot that I like to call "The Nectar of Hell".  The sweet, smooth cinnamon taste masks the fury that follows it.  It is deceptive in that you don't get that anticipated "kick" that you would expect when downing a shot of whiskey.  However, after a few shots of FIREBALL, the predicted results are the same.  Euphoria.

As a result, the regulars at the bar request it ALL the time and they get pretty upset when we run out.  We've done our own "unofficial" promotions involving FIREBALL WHISKY in the past, including setting the record for the biggest toast last summer. And it seems that we've finally caught the attention of the big whigs at FIREBALL WHISKY headquarters. So much so,  we got an impromptu visit from them right before Thanksgiving and they loved us!  The relationship with FIREBALL continues to grow and it all leads to tonight's event!

As for tonight's event, you can expect to feel FIREBALL WHISKY's presence from the moment you walk in (7pm start time)!  And with a case of the good stuff just having arrived, you can be rest assured that the FIREBALL will flow all night long!  Giveaways, samples and debauchery will be on tap.  You'll want to be there.  If you want to try it, you'll have to come here because apparently we're tone of the few places in NYC that rolls with FIREBALL WHISKY!  Exclusive?  I think so!


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Baby Girls Lil said...

occupy fireball. flame on CL