It appears that the wacky weather we've been dealing with all year is going to continue today.  It's December 7th (the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, by the way) and we're expecting temps in the mid 60's.... and a torrential downpouring of rain for most of the day.  Yay.  Grab those umbrellas- you're going to need them!

So, what are your feelings on PDA's in a bar?  What are PDA's? I'm not talking about those Personal Digital Assistants (though that's another topic for another day); I'm talking about Public Displays of Affection.  You know what I mean.  How do you feel when you see a couple making out at the bar or at one of the tables?  Does it make you uncomfortable?  Does it annoy you?  What about when the PDA goes a bit past the making out stage?

Now I've certainly seen my share of PDA's over the years, ranging from simple kissing to full-on finger-blasting at the bar.  Is it bizarre?  At times.  There's been times where I've actually had to step in and ask couples to "tone it down" due to the sheer inappropriateness of the PDA.  And each time I wonder to myself "Why don't you get a room already?" Now I'm certainly not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes enough is enough.  Last thing I need while trying to enjoy my drink at the bar is the couple next to me licking each other's faces off.

We had a case of the PDA's taking place the other night that made me cringe.  A group of guys struck up a conversation with a group of girls who were already at the bar, having "girl time".  I knew of the ladies as they had been to the bar before.  I hadn't seen the guys before, however, they did have a distinct odor about them- they smelled like mildew (ick).  They two groups hung out for a few hours and eventually they broke off into couples.   Sure enough, the couples began making out, inside the bar, outside the bar, in the stairwell, in the bathroom stall.  Makeout Central.  Romantic for some, creepy for others.  Mind you- everyone involved had only met that night.  Oy vey.

I'd surely like to hear your thoughts on PDA's.  Cool thing to do or inappropriate?  What say you?

TONIGHT: PUB TRIVIA (8pm) is back for another session and you're invited to join us!  It's free to play as always and there's always cool prizes up for grabs, such as bar tabs, buckets of beer and great bar swag!  If you and your friends are looking for something different to do on a Wednesday night, this is the place to be.  And $4 well drinks (for ladies) and $20 bucket of "Rocks" (Rolling Rock) usually helps with brain stimulation!


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