This past Sunday Third and Long hosted its 20th Annual Holiday Party.  The party is a yearly event where we celebrate the end of another successful year with our favorite patrons, family, former and current employees and friends of the bar.  It's usually a raucous affair filled with great fun and hijinks aplenty.

This year's event, the 20th edition, was filled with some of the same fun-filled (albeit slightly-tamed) debauchery as in years past.  However, this year's party also had a special purpose.  We decided to use this party as a fundraiser for the family of recently-deceased NYPD veteran Peter Figoski, who was killed in the line of duty last week.  His untimely death left him with a widow and four daughters, so a grass-roots campaign was put together to raise money to establish an education fund for the girls.  We decided that with the holiday party taking place, this would be a great opportunity for the Third and Long family to do its part.  So we asked all of the patrons in attendance for our party to make a donation towards the Education Fund and when all was said and done, we raised over $1,000!  It's great to see that the spirit of giving still exists and we thank all of you who supported a great cause.

And now, for the photo highlights...

Here I'm trying to figure out how to utilize the camera functions of the Iphone.  With somewhat disastrous results I might add..

Members of "The Corner Girls" enjoying the festivities!

"The DON" addressing the crowd with his annual "State of the Bar" speech! 

The Third and Long Staff surprised myself and Baby Girl with some delightful Xmas gifts!

Including the delicious SORTILEGE (Maple Sugar Whiskey) from Quebec

Toasting to good times and a great staff!

So overall, it was a great night.  Got to see a lot of old friends, enjoy some Christmas cheer and reflect on why I love this place and the people who work here so much.

Happy holidays boys and girls!

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